Launch Your Own Food Business

Have you dreamed of starting your own food business?


If you have ever dreamed of starting your own food business, please read on.

Local Roots is a community-focused marketplace for the local food movement. Our goal is to help bring food back to its “local roots” by encouraging growers and makers in all communities.

Neighborhoods are the center of everything Local Roots does. Through our platform, users welcome each other into their backyards and kitchens, providing them with produce, baked goods, or whatever tasty, seasonal fare they have to offer. These interactions aren’t just about eating – they are opportunities to connect, to learn, and to build a more vibrant, sustainable community.

With Local Roots, you don’t need to invest in physical store and hire a staff. You can get started cooking in your own kitchen and selling directly to your neighbors.

How does it work?
We’ll set up your mobile “storefront” on the Local Roots app.
– You update what you’re making
– Your neighbors purchase in the Local Roots app
– You deliver to your neighbor’s front door (or they can pickup from you)
– We cut checks to you weekly

What do I need to set up legally?
Our team will help you through the process, but the basic needs are:
– Get a business license (very easy)
– Get a cottage food license (allows you to cook from home on a small scale – costs about $100)
– Get insurance (surprisingly inexpensive)