Why Local?

lr-farmer-slide-01Welcome to our blog! We decided to start off with something near and dear to our hearts: eating locally-sourced food. We are called “LOCAL Roots” after all.

Eating local food and supporting local businesses is a trend that has seen increasing traction over the past few years and for good reason. There are numerous benefits such as: reducing your carbon footprint, supporting your community, improving your health, or just simply enjoying fresher, more flavorful food.

So why is eating locally-sourced food important to you? We asked our team this very question. Check out their responses below and get to know the folks  behind Local Roots!

Doug Calahan: The Chief

For me, eating local is a bit selfish.  I want the freshest, tastiest foods.  So that is food that was just picked a few hours ago, not food that was picked weeks ago, shipped around the world, and then sold to me.

Barb Wait: App Design Wizard

Eating local is important to me for two main reasons. First, the carbon footprint of some food is very high as it is shipped across the country or around the world.  I don’t think this is a model we can continue to support. Secondly, the nutrition and flavor of produce is so much better when it is allowed to ripen on the plant.  A tomato that was picked green, gassed, then shipped hundreds of miles to a distribution center, and then shipped again to my local grocery store is not nearly as tasty as a tomato that was picked ripe, yesterday and dropped at my door today.

Doug Wait: Software Magician

It’s a healthy way to cut back on fuel usage (transportation of food from far away – save the planet), help the local economy, and eat fresher foods.

Hoan Huynh: Logistics Superhero

Eating local allows me to get involved in my community, meet my neighbors, and give back to the place where I live.

Katie Whitney: Queen Relationship Builder

It’s fun getting to know the farmers and food artisans who are passionate about their contribution to the local community. The nutritional value and taste in locally-sourced foods is important to me.

Lindsay Marles: Marketing Rockstar

I try to eat local food for the health benefits (improves allergies, fewer processed foods, etc.) as well supporting my neighbors and our environment.

Maggie Frey: Farm Relations Guru

Eating local is important to me because I want healthy, sustainable food systems to flourish. Knowing and supporting farmers who grow food in an environmentally-responsible way (aka voting with your dollars) is an important step towards a more sustainable future. 


Whatever your reasons, our mission is to make locally-sourced food a more convenient option for you and a better financial opportunity for the local producers.


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