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Why Do Farmers & Artisans Like Us?


We know what you need: Branding, Retail Pricing and Steady Revenue Streams.

Thankfully, the farm-to-table movement has exploded.  There are now more than 8,000 farmers markets in America, up approximately 150% in the last decade. And at the last official count, the USDA reported more than 12,000 farms were connected to CSAs.

Awareness of and demand for fresh and local has grown exponentially.

Outlets such as farmers markets and CSAs have not only created tremendous opportunities for farms and food artisans to brand themselves, but they have also supported retail-pricing models. However, inconsistent farmers market attendance means inconsistent revenues. And aggregators such as Fresh Harvest, Good Eggs and Relay Foods offer wholesale pricing models. This drastically affects your margins and stifles the CSA model.

At Local Roots, we give you what you and your community need.

Our goals are to:

  • Foster sustainable, local food communities
  • Build brands
  • Offer retail pricing
  • Provide a steady, predictable revenue stream

With the Local Roots application, you can manage your inventory, your customer engagement and your farm-to-home delivery routes easily and efficiently.

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This is why we started Local Roots.